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October 4th, 2005

10:13 pm
I finally have the internet at my house! This is my first livejournal message that I have written at home. i think.
So i like myspace a lot, and everyone has it, but - maybe im just computer illiterate - i cant seem to find out how you do more than make people your friends on myspace. how do you write stuff? how do you reply to people's comments? i just dont know. and that is why i still have a livejournal.
and now i have to write in it because i dont think i have written anything ultra personal ever. i have said how my day was and maybe how i was feeling but i never really shared anything personal. and as it is appropriate considering my present state of emotion, i find it necessary to explain why i am not the same person as i used to be. i think this sums it up:
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: joy williams - silence

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September 19th, 2005

05:35 pm - busy busy
WOAH i have had a really busy week and it's only getting busier. and the fact that i probably have bronchitis doesnt help :(
today was the JH retreat (that's why i wasn't @ school). it was pretty fun actually. we played some games, ate some food, chilled, basically did what we want - it's nice to be on ASB haha. yeah it was fun, but im kinda sick so it was a bit of a mess.
last week was crazy even though i cant remember what happened...oh yeah we had a going away party for my brother on sept 10 (his 20th bday) and he flew to italia on sept 11th (uh yep) and then that week we had 2 NL games which kind of injured our players (i.e. rachel broke her nose lol well not really broke) and then friday we had back to school bbq, which is always cool. then went home, hung out with my mom and we watched oprah or something. saturday i was sooo sick so i mainly slept but i tried to clean my room cuz its been a disaster for like a year. not really..yeah and then on sunday i got up early (went to bed at 7pm) and did some homework, then went to new life at 5 with rachel and meredith, then rachel spent the night and i had to get up really early this morning (i really dont like getting up when its still dark outside i feel weird..) and then i finally got the library after the retreat (which would be where i am now) and i have to get catcher in the rye because that is my free choice book i read which i checked out so now i need it to write my essay tonight.
so yeah im going to go home and do that.
then tomorrow - away game, wednesday - home game then youth court, thursday - HS RETREAT OH YEAH!!!! then friday - i really really want to relax. saturday - tyler and chris' party or maybe that's next week well whatever im still going to tylers anyway lol. OCT 8 IS OBVIOUSLY HOMECOMING! oo it will be so awesome.

so thats pretty much it!

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: you guessed it ....joy williams hehe...

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September 4th, 2005

02:51 pm - SUNDAY the 4th
Woah, I haven't written onthis for a long time...mostly cuz i only get online 1x a week for asb email. A lot has happened and it has been really fun.

I haven't written since August 6th...when my cousins were still here. They left a while ago and i have just been chillin.

I read the forged coupon, catcher in the rye, and some other ones on the list that werent nearly as interesting as the first two. i marked up forged coupon quite well if i do say so myself. i havent started the essays (it's sunday) and that will be my challenge...4 in 3 busy days. i am really excited for school for two reasons - we are seniors and i love this school. i know that like 1% of the students like it but trust me, once you get older you will appreciate it. when you go off to college (which you are WAY more likely to do) it'll be a breeze. you are doing what most people don't even GET to in college and youre only in high school. our AP classes are actually AP classes. now that i think about it, our regular classes are comparative to most schools' AP classes and our APs are extremely hard. (definitely take them) plus growing up in a christian environment you get so accustomed to what is right and wrong that its easier to notice when you do something wrong. i bet like 2 freshmen like KW and when those freshmen become seniors about 30 of them will like KW. trust me it only gets better. i absolutely love my friends, that helps, and i dont have a bad rep with any teachers which is also a good thing. and i am good at sucking up (haha, michelle!) so yeah i am really excited. this is my schedule:
1 - AP englsh (hayes)
2 - AP calculus (dittmer?)
3 - Family living (thacher)
4 - AP gov't (thacher)
5 - spanish 3 (yeregui)
6 - physics (heinze)
1 - AP english
2 - AP calc
3 - world religions or anatomy (not sure)
4 - AP govt
5 - spanish3
6 - physics

i am soooo loving this season! we have awesome girls and coach fred is ...how should i put this...way better than our last coach...he knows what he is doing and makes us work but still lets us have fun while we're doing it. plus hes a guy so if you want to skip/be late to practice you can just say 'girl problems' and he doesn't ask any questions haha. not that we take advantage of him or antyhing...hehe
lets see who is playing: seniors - me, meredith, erin ferderer, maddie just a ton of cool people. i love our team!!!!!!! and we will do a lot more bonding this year...our first game is thursday, away north mason @ 6 we leave @ 4. i thinkits nonleague though..

obviously not

i am soooo excited to go to the ukraine in spring break! i have $69 saved up so far. $2000 by february i think. well i will have to think of something.

Lately i have just been so happy and excited but i dont know why. i just am in a really good mood. so we started soccer on monday 2 weeks ago and that was cool. i just love those girls. on friday before practice i met erin and rachel (new girl, junior, really cool) at the school and we went shopping at the mall, got some sbarro obviously, then headed to practice. due to the fact that i was the only one who could do five pushups coach fred's way (hands TOGETHER, BEHIND your shoulder span (underneath your chest pretty much, noseto the ground), we got to play world cup almost the whole practice, which is absolutely awesome. then afterward we headed over to merediths and jumped straight in the pool (me meredith maddie liz michelle mini Q) and then ate some central market pizza which is obvioulsy the best kind and merediths parents are absolutely awesome. we ate a ton and then hung out and watched NSYNC and britney spears music video tape that savannah got for me for my birthday and it was just amazing. haha. then we watchedthe dance from
a certain movie that we (the soccer team) might be gracious enough to show yall at lunch like last year. then we watched mean girls and went to bed. in the morning we had to get up early and i played with harry and william and then headed home (they all went to soccer scrimmage) and i headed to the airport for a fundraiser to make money for ukraine. i didnt make a ton but it was awesome anyway because i loved playing store when i was little and i always had a candy shop which is why my brother is so deranged and needs his sugar IV every once in awhile. anyway it was really fun. and then this guy and his friend came up and asked for a free bottle of water and he started talking about how he had a plane and he spends all his money on his plane and i was like what accent do you have hes like russian i am from southern ukraine i was like oohhh hot! i pointed to my sign that said the money was for my trip to ukraine and he started talking to me about that and he was kinda cute but i think he was too old for me. and then he's like hey can you duck out of this (meaning selling food) and i can take you up in my plane and i was like aww i really would but i cant leave (actually i REALLy wanted to go and i COULD leave but i was scared to go up with him cuz it hinkhe was like 20 or 21 or soetmhing), cuz my cousin was there too. then at like 5 my dad and i headed home and my brotehrs bought a lot of leftover air heads and chips and stuff off of me (awesoem) and i will hopefully sell the rest to them haha. then after my parents went to bed my brothers and i played legos and made this dock and a townand i built the most awesome restaurant its red and black and its chinese. its pretty cool actually, and its on the water. then we got bored withthat and my mom yelled at us for being loud (the legos are right above her head when she sleeps) and so we played mario kart for like 4 hours and i obviously won(okay maybe not) and then i quit and fell asleep and when i woke up it was like 2 am and my brothers' scoreboard said 38 to 24 which means that they played 62 games lol! so i went to bed and listento MY BRAND NEW LEANN RIMES CD OMG OMG LEANN RIMES' VOICE IS SO ABSOLUTELY AMAZING IT FEELS LIKE YOU JUST DISCOVERED MARS WHEN YOU LISTEN TO HER!! OH GEEZ.
i woke up today andmy cousins were here for dinner at my grandparents and they went shooting and i really wanted to go but my mom made me stay home to clean the house :( but its cool cuz i need to clean my room its a disaster, like usual.

today i am just going to my grandparents' for dinner because it is a triple birthday (we make up any excuse to get together and eat my grandmas cooking) cuz we have a lot of september birthdays (my bro-10th, my cousin-2nd, my other cousin-6th) so we are celebrating 2-10 right now haha.

my brother is moving to italy and he is leaving september 11th - cuz thats when I WOULD like to fly lol. his bday is the 10th andi dont know what to get him. i dont knwow hat to getmy cousins either and i am seeingthem in like an hour. hmm oh ill think of something with all the money i have not.

i am so excited for college! i really think im going to gonzaga, but i will apply to a couple big names and some gonzaga-level places, but i really love gonzaga and i am pretty darn excited about goingthere for a lot of reasons.

i need to get a job because i need ukraine money, but i definitely dont have time with 3 APs, ASB, NHS, soccer/fastpitch, etc. yeah ill be busy i love being busy though.

some little messages:

erin - you are a retard for not coming to merediths you missed out big time.
autumn - give me a call or ill see you wednesday because ive been so absolutely busy i havent thought about another good day for guitar lessons.
savannah - thank you so much for the AWESOME nsync/britney video. we watched it at merediths house and totally got a kick out of it. oh andthe WWJD bracelet too (its on my armRIGHT now) because my old one was just way too stretched out after being worn every day for a year. this one started august 31st ithink. GRACIAS YOU ARE WONDERFUL!
sarah, colleen, curtis - happy birthday even though curt doesnt look at my live journal..i hope...haha
jared - talk to your youth group about the band because that would be so cool! (email me at usual email)
you know who - you know what :)

that's all folks!
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: leann rimes - the weight of love

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August 6th, 2005

01:28 pm - friday and saturday
yesterday erin came over and we went swimming with my cousins, then wen tto the boat shed with court for sort of a co-bday-dinner but we will ahve another one with more people. my cousin obviously brought me tons of cherries because they are awesome. then we went to the movies and then court went home and erin and i hung out/slept at my grandparents house, then i got up at like 7 to say goodbye to my cousins (from california, 8years old, 6, and 5) and then they left. went back to sleep then we ate toast and erin left. right now im chillin at the library trying to get a second summer reading book (no tengo internet a mi casa, so i am checking out reviews on spark notes to see which book i want to read). the forged coupon is pretty interesting and easy to read, basically a 3-day book. and i am taking awesome notes it is just wonderful. then god,gov't road to tyranny we have to read for ap gov't, whcih i am really excited for. ap us history students get to go to outback on the 29th!! see yall there!!

today i am going to go to goodwill to drop off a bunch of stuff (cleaned out my closets this week), then wash the suburban, then keep reading and start my essays.

i am in an awesome mood right now and i think it is because of yesterday (erin you know what im talkin about, third wheel hehehe).

well im gonna go! and i am going to calvary chapel tomorrow at CKJH (really easy to get to) at 10am so if you want to go let me know!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: pink floyd - high hopes (amazing - d/l it if you can!)

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August 1st, 2005

12:45 pm
hm..i think i will tell you about my summer so far(ill tryto make it short)

last day of school - my bday partay (i think?)
then graduation
first week off - girls state, already told yall about that
june 18 - my hot bday
after that - relaxing, half heartedly looking for a job
july - my family comes in.
First my aunt, uncle, cousins megan, julie, aaron came from maine and spent ibelieve a week here it was awesome. they are the coolest. we basically just went swimming all day and ate a ton of food that my
grandma makes because shes absolutely awesome. julie is a hilarious kid, you know what i mean. i think
shes 12. megan is 17 and the most liberal mccullough. just kidding, love ya megs! aaron - i forgot he
didnt come because he has to work - is my brother's age. then they left after a week of shanghai (oh YEAH) and then my family and my uncle james (edmonds, washington), aunt molly, cousins colleen kevin ross ryan went to whidbey island because molly has a cabin there. we hung out on their beach (all sand, 5 feet from
the back porch), went clamming/geoducking - and casey, no, they are not ducks - which was a blast as usual. we cooked some of the razor clams we got and they were awesome. beach fires of course with smores, went swimming in the bay and the pool, tons of cards of course. lots of food. went to a restaurant called 'gay 90's' it was amazing haha sooooooo ghetto. OKAY so thats the end of whidbey. then we came home and the day we got back my cousins from california were here, the cutest kids alive. my uncle bill aunt marilyn, jackson (8) madison (6 1/2) and reagan (5). they aresooo adorable. so they arestill here and we hang out withthem pretty much every day, and of course my cousins from btown are always at my grandparents house (uncle paul aunt patty cousins sarah! nathan jessica hayley). and the occasional trips to the boat shed (like all the time) because my cousins work there and get discounts haha. im so glad i see my family this much it is really good - i feel badly for the people who dont even know their cousins or see them
once in ten years. we are all so close and its like you have 45 more friends than you normally do. they are so much fun and we fight but get along and eat a ton of food - like my big fat greek (italian i mean) wedding. its awesome. and oh i forgot yall remember ej moten he used to go to kw but moved to texas, well he stayed with us for three weeks (the ones my cousins were all here) and he is cool (my bro's friend). of course we had benny (sarahs friend) and katy (nate's g/f) and drews friends ken and cam or whoever comes over these days.

besides hanging out with my family i usually just chill and pretend that i am actually going to start my
summer reading.

unfortunately recently we went out on mey's boat a couple days ago and were tubing...and a little accident sent mey to the hospital and kathryn i think too (the ropes got twisted and gave them some oucchh little wounds :( ...)

i went to a dif church yesterday, calvary chapel (its at CKJH) and it was pretty cool actually. i kind of like it better than my church. i went like 3 weeks ago but didnt see a single person i knew, but then when i went this week i saw like 5 people i knew - maddie johnson, alyssa (from girls state - plays guitar!), heather mckesson - used to go to kw, oh and other people i forgot lol. i believe i will go to their youth group on wednesday so if youwant to go with me give me a ring.

oh soccer is starting in 22 days!! i am excited sort of - not for the running part haha but i think everyone's with me on that - i am just excited cuz we are SENIORS WOOOOHOO and it will just be an awesome year. ilove all my friends they are just the best and my classes are all interesting ithink - challenging
definitely - and i will just be a senior. asb is cool and we are planning just fine so no problemos there.
and soccer will probably be a good season because we havea good team as long as no one chickens out jk.

hm i still need my summer reading books i havent picked up the english or ap gov't one...oh well. haha i can be a quick reader if i want to. oh and the extra book shoot. and theessays ahhhh im stressed out again.

well not really because i am just in a good mood right now. i have bennys guitar and just bought the pink floyd greatest hits cd, i have a lot of money ( i really really want an IPOd - but i decided that anything over $50 i have to think about for 3 weeks before i do something stupid and spend money on something i dont really want inthe first place - plus i have a little conflict cuz i really really want to get a
fender strat because (i know shame shame) i dont have one and i really want one. actually i want a les paul but haha thats not happenin and a benedetto seriously you dont haveto play guitar to know that a benedetto is the most gorgeous piece of wood you will ever see in your life.

i am in a good mood because i am in love, too - i suppose that makes you in a good mood.
Current Mood: soo happy
Current Music: pink floyd - wishyouwerehere (good stuff)

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July 18th, 2005

hey guys ! it's monday and im off to whidbey island for a week! be back the 25th (mon) when my other cousins come. i would tell you about my week because it was absolutely awesome but i dont have time because we are leaving in 1 hr and i havent packed and so i have to go. but just wanted to let you know in case you miss me because you know you will. gotta run! there is a phone there so if i like you i will call you. ttyl!
Current Mood: excited - i dont go online whe
Current Music: annie lennox walkin on broken glass, the SHINS OH YEAH and s

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July 5th, 2005

04:15 pm - FOURth of JULY


Monday: woke up late, my grandparents came and picked me up around 3:30 and we headed to the yacht club, picked up my cousin. Then we got the boat ready for the guests (4 couples who bought a 4th of july boat cruise as an auction item for the admiral theater), setting tables, getting wine and stuff. Then we went out to the dock and greeted them haha we were so professional as hostesses. Then we were underway and went around liberty bay to check out the shipyard ships (2 couples were from england) and then we headed toward bainbridge to seattle. There was a wine tasting my grandpa always does where he covers the labels of the bottles and serves a little taste of 5 wines, then they have to guess what kind of wine it is, so my cousin and i had to pour all the wine 5 times. And in between were appetizers and it was really hard cuz we had to go all the way upstairs 10 times for this lol. Okay so then it was time for salads, so we made that (really good) and served it to them. Then dinner was salmon over potatoes and we put some fancy garnishes on the plates it was hot. We served the dinner and then made dessert (cookie bowls, these amazing very hard to make fancy thin bowls made out of this stuff (edible) and put my grandma's homemade lemon ice cream in them - the guests went nuts. haha. then it was time for coffee and by then my cousin and i had done all the dishes and then we finally got to elliot bay for the seattle fireworks. the guests were all contente on the fly bridge so we went down on the bow and layed in sleeping bags to watch the fireworks (awesome show by the way!) and then we headed home. my cousin and i made cocoa and popcorn and finished off the lemon ice cream(sogood). we finally headed home and then left the guests and my grandparents dropped me off at home (130am) it was really awesome.

oh just so yall know this is my myspace (search for email)


add me as your friend and ill accept you (probably) haha jk.

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: light my fire

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July 3rd, 2005

01:53 pm - SOLOCA!
so this weekend was pretty cool.
went to erins house and we watched pretty woman (never seen it before) and legally blonde 2 (awesome movie, haha that is what we were doing at girl's state!) we ate some comito italiano and had chocolate cake (mm) and that was cool. then i went home on saturday and it was my grandma's bday so we went to my uncle's house in edmonds and ate some ribs and stuff, oh and my cousin got a fender squier and it is hOT and i didnt know he had it. they play pretty nicely :) and pool and cardsand what not. shucked corn. had to miss out on the carrot cake :( then we went home. im trying to still get the thing together which can be kinda hard when you dont know a lot of singers or guitarists or drummers or keyboardists and what not, but a lot of praying should alleviatethat. well gotta run, im at the library again because my internet is shot. gone.yeah oh well.
if anyone else doesnt have a job, let me know and we can hang out while everyone is making money haha. everyone keeps asking me why i dont get a job well mainly because i dont really need one, i have plenty of money and i am not a huge shopper - i really dont buy clothes that often. yeah, yeah i know i need the 'responsibility training' oh whatever cuz i have held jobs before, plus im applying at cold stone in btown by the ferry. ya.
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: rock n roll led zeppelin, brave nichole nordeman

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June 27th, 2005

04:06 pm

hey guys..it's monday today...

i forgot what i did

did tons of chores, then went to the drive-in with kalena chris & co and saw trista being hot. and matt olch too. nachos, ate some food and gator juice haha. then got home around 3:30 am and kalena and i chilled.

we woke up and went to dennys then dropped kalena at target and then went home and enjoyed my (already broken) sabbath. then my relativos came over and we chilled, had bbq ribs and stuff and peach pie, played some cards..my grandma whooped us all as usual and took all but $1 of mine. then i watched romy(sp?) and michelle's high school reunion haha erin. its pretty..hm..close to reality..haha i guess not. then watch wild wild west (old tv show) and went to bed.

today i woke up nice and late, learned "brave" by nichole nordeman (guitarAND piano haha) and its pretty much the hottest song ever. then i went to the medical buildings to replant this huge planter because the last time it was planted was a while ago and it needs some reshapin. went to lowes, bought some plants, taco time for a bite to eat, then the library, then going to finish up the planter. then ill hopefully make some ravioli and i mean MAKE it not just put some store bought ravioli in boiling water. yeah so thatll be cool.
then at 6pm tonight is my brother's (KW varsity summer league) game at bremerton high or something, but salsa lessons are at 7, so we'll see if i can go. by the way, if you want to take salsa with me, 7pm mondays, ymca bremerton, free, let me know!

i plan to...hm...try to get a job or something

no clue what to do

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: real fine place to start - sara evans

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June 21st, 2005

04:49 pm

so this is my dinNer schedule:

saturday - got home, went to red lobster for my bday (coconut shrimp)
sunday - went to bahn thai for fathers day, had crab wontons
monday - ate rotini alfredo at home, then went out to olive garden for the heck of it with chris kalena and tyler and had spaghetti, breadsticks, salad.
tuesday - im going to silver city with my grandparents/fam for my bday.
wednesday - i will probably go to the boat shed with courtney.


and most of those i dont pay for.. haha

Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: light my fire - doors

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